For a few years now, when on the road, I’ve kept a journal that I fill with short ideas for pieces. Occasionally, they come together as complete, crystal-clear entities that I have only to hand to a neighbor in order to hear and see miracles; more often they are fragmented, disjointed, or maddeningly unfinished, hinting at small possibilities for making sounds, for layering them in dialogue with one another, or gesturing towards a vague poetry suggestive but incomplete.

"Music of what happens" became a folio of these text pieces and is an attempt to connect the agency so important to our improvising ethic to our memories and to older musics, collaging abstract sounds with fragments of folk music, including some sean nós songs of western Ireland. It allows for an explicitly nostalgic source to be renewed and repatterned, in a way that feels viscerally important at a time when nostalgia seems to be a hiding place from an otherwise increasingly fragmented and fearful present.

—Tim Feeney


This release comprises a recording of a performance of the score by Tim Feeney, Cassia Streb, Cody Putman, Laura Steenberge, Mustafa Walker, and Jessika Kenney at REDCAT in Los Angeles, CA, on February 28, 2020; an audio recording of the score, as read by Cassia Streb; an audio recording that superimposes the reading of the score and its performance; a PDF of the score; the six folk melodies included in the tunebook, presented on 3 x 5 cards; and a series of photographs by Feeney that provide a visual counterpart to the score. The audio portions of the release as well as the PDF of the text score and the photographs are provided on a USB flash drive and are also available via download with use of the included code.









1. Music of what happens (Performance) 37:03


2. Music of what happens (Instructions) 02:53


3. Music of what happens (Scene I) 08:39


4. Music of what happens (Tunebook) 02:08


5. Music of what happens (Scene II) 08:12


6. Music of what happens (Scene III) 10:05


7. Music of what happens (Voiceover) 39:00


8. Music of what happens (Score) PDF







Tim Feeney performs, composes, and improvises sounds in and for forests and grain silos, investigating unstable sound and duration. He appears in bookstores and basements with Sarah Hennies and Greg Stuart as the trio Meridian; in galleries and libraries with Vic Rawlings and Annie Lewandowski; in tunnels and train stops with Cody Putman and Cassia Streb as the trio Tasting Menu; in living rooms and warehouses with Clay Chaplin and Davy Sumner; in colleges and museums with Andrew Raffo Dewar, Holland Hopson, and Jane Cassidy; on recordings for Weighter, Intakt, Black Truffle, Rhizome.s, Caduc, Full Spectrum, Sedimental, and Marginal Frequency; and in the occasional festival or concert hall with Anthony Braxton and Ingrid Laubrock. He is a faculty member in percussion, improvisation, composition, and experimental sound practices at the California Institute of the Arts.