This limited-edition release, housed in a metal box, comprises an individually duplicated audio cassette carrying two pieces by Joseph Clayton Mills, Nightingale and Soliloquy; the poem [ode to the sleeper] by Carrie Olivia Adams; a small portrait of the poet John Keats on his deathbed; and a magnet, an eraser, and brief instructions for their use.

In Nightingale, a recording of F. Scott Fitzgerald reading the first line of the poem Ode to a Nightingale by John Keats is looped and layered. The words “my heart aches” are repeated, mimicking the incessant rhythm of a heartbeat, until an auditory hallucination eventually transforms the phrase into the request to “take my heart.”

In Soliloquy, two statements and a question gradually emerge from and disappear into white noise, a humming voice, and breath.


Assembled at St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center, Phoenix, Arizona, 2020-2022. Special thanks to Giuseppe Ielasi for mastering assistance on an earlier iteration of Nightingale.


This is Suppedaneum no. 25.




Joseph Clayton Mills is an artist, composer, and performer working at the intersection of language, composition, and archival practice. A former Chicagoan, he remains an active participant in the improvised and experimental music community there, where his collaborators have included Adam Sonderberg and Steven Hess (as Haptic), Michael Vallera (as Maar), Noé Cuéllar (as Partial), Jason Stein, Michael Pisaro, and Olivia Block, among many others. His recordings have appeared on numerous labels, including Another Timbre, FSS, and Entr’acte. In 2013, in collaboration with Noé Cuéllar, he launched the label Suppedaneum to focus on releasing scores and their realizations. He has received commissions and grants from the Chicago Film Archive, Black Cinema House (Rebuild Foundation), the Illinois Arts Council, the Experimental Sound Studio, and, in 2016, was artist in residence at the Sonic Arts Research Unit at Oxford Brookes University, UK.
Carrie Olivia Adams lives in Chicago, where she is the promotions and marketing communications director for the University of Chicago Press and the co-founder and poetry editor for the indie press Black Ocean. She is the author of four full-length poetry collections, Be the thing of memory (Tolsun Books  2021); Operating Theater (Noctuary Press 2015); Forty-One Jane Doe's (book and companion DVD, Ahsahta 2013); and Intervening Absence (Ahsahta 2009) in addition to the chapbooks  "Proficiency Badges" (Meeking Press 2020); "Grapple" (above/ground press 2017); "Overture in the Key of F" (above/ground press 2013); and "A Useless Window" (Black Ocean 2007). When she's not making poetry, she's usually making biscuits. Her recent work, including pieces made while the artist-in-residence at the International Museum of Surgical Science, draws on found text and antique source material to tell the quiet stories of overlooked women. She also often collaborates with dancers, choreographers, and musicians to create works that expand beyond the static page.




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