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The SI base units (kilogram, second, metre, Ampere, mole, candela, and Kelvin) underpin measurement in all science and technology. In May 2019, the International System of Units inaugurated the final SI base units' derivation from invariant constants of nature, quietly heralding a new era of reliability in metrology.


«The SI Base Units» is a modular set of graphic scores by the British artist Thomas Martin Nutt that charts the scale of the SI base units within the range of human experience, from micro to mega. The creative space is demarcated between the precision of metrology and the mutability of meaning.


In June 2018, having been lucky enough to obtain a residency at the Sirius Arts Centre in Cobh, Ireland, we spent 5 days walking, eating, and recording. We arrived with minimal equipment and a handful of scores, and after exploring the town it became evident that «Metre», by Thomas Martin Nutt, would be a good way to orientate time to space. Using the score to plot distances for playback and reabsorption, we recorded the infrasound of passing cruise ships and each note of a carillon (itself positioned in a tower high above the town, where each bell can travel the length and breadth of the locale). We utilized these recordings as ways to further fill space and reach a natural state of collapse, or resonance. —Patrick Farmer and David Lacey



Each copy of «Metre» includes a single CD containing two recordings by Patrick Farmer and David Lacey and a copy of the complete score of «The SI Base Units» by Thomas Martin Nutt, which is presented in a 90-page booklet.







Patrick Farmer is a co-founder of Compost and Height, editor of the new-music journal Wolf Notes, founder of the Sound I’m Particular lecture series and Significant Landscapes Festival, and a curator of the audiograft festival. He teaches in Oxford and lives on the Malvern Hills. Farmer has published several books and written compositions for groups such as Apartment House and the Set Ensemble. Festival appearances and residencies include The Wulf (Los Angeles), Ftarri (Tokyo), LMC (London), I & E (Dublin), Geiger (Gothenburg), The Proms (London), Blurred Edges (Hamburg), and Forestry Commission England (Cumbria). Farmer is currently working on a project concerned with dis / embodied listening.





David Lacey is a musician from Dublin, Ireland, working at the intersection between improvisation and composition. He uses percussion, objects, field recordings, cassettes, and crude electronics as well as making studio constructions. He has performed and recorded with musicians such as Rhodri Davies, Keith Rowe, Annette Krebs, and Derek Bailey. Current projects include Rainfear (with David Donohoe), duo collaborations with Patrick Farmer and Andrew Fogarty, and the Reception concert series, which he organizes with composers Rob Casey and Conal Ryan. He has been featured on releases from labels such as Another Timbre, Caduc, Confront, Copy for your Records, Fort Evil Fruit, and Room Temperature.



Thomas Martin Nutt is a British artist with an interest in sound and language. He is currently researching relationships between auditory and visual perception and new ways of employing the primary devices with which we write music. He lives and works in Japan.