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Chyme is an audiovisual collaboration between vocal improviser and composer Carol Genetti and visual artist Gwyneth Zeleny Anderson. Published in a limited edition, Chyme consists of a CD containing four tracks composed and performed by Genetti, paired with four screen-printed “listening scores.”

Chyme is concerned with the visceral experience of losing a sense of separation between oneself and everything else. It takes its name from the semifluid “cocktail” of gastric juices and partially digested food in the stomach. Chyme carries out the seemingly alchemical process of synthesizing nourishment: it's a mediator of external and internal, dissolving what we consume and absorbing it into our blood and organs. Similarly, Chyme aims to digest the boundaries between performer and audience, human and environment, power and passivity, and sound and body.

Genetti's pieces act as an evisceration of sound from the body, blurring the edge between her individuality and the environment around her. Yet instead of disembodying the voice completely, she reembodies it, as the sound waves are poured into other bodies –– tubes and piano housing — to mix and create a different type of extended voice. These sounds are then processed through electronic postproduction studio techniques, resulting in immersive shifting layers of sound textures that nonetheless retain the ineradicable grain of her voice.

Rather than a composition for generating sounds, Anderson's listening scores provide a visual framework for perceiving Genetti's compositions: screen printed marks and text prompt the listener to engage with the audio in different sensory and conceptual ways. Layers of color shift and lose alignment along a trajectory marked in time code as the intricately folded scores emulate the folds of the small intestines.

This release, presented together in an organ-like vinyl pouch, includes a glass-mastered CD containing four pieces by Genetti, one copy of each of the four listening scores by Anderson, and an additional informational sheet providing credits and track listing.

This is Suppedaneum no. 16.

1. Prompt [4:20]
2. Transference [11:20]
3. Transference Coda [5:40]
4. Tubes - Voice [15:30]






Carol Genetti is a Chicago-based vocalist and composer whose work extends to sound and visual art media. Her palette is primordial, existing in a hypothetical space where “language” and “music” have yet to be formed and formulated into familiar cultural patterns. Genetti’s aesthetic is one of raw power, yet also delicate, subtle, and precise. An exquisite soloist, she is often also heard in the company of other improvising musicians. She has been performing in North America and Europe, mostly as a vocal improviser, mostly in collaborations with other musicians and dancers, including Jack Wright, Eric Leonardson, Peter Maunu, Olivia Block, Andrew Clinkman, Albert Wildeman, Jeff Kimmel, Birgit Ulher, Aaron Zarzutzki, Asimina Chremos, James Falzone, Jim Dorling, and Jim Baker.
















Gwyneth Zeleny Anderson is a depressive animist composed mostly of water. Her practice is rooted in the ubiquity of sensation, shaped by the handmade animation process, and fueled by awe for how, at any scale, individuality is made of plurality. She has presented projects in galleries, festivals, forests, and empty lots throughout the Northern Hemisphere, including with Roman Susan, Roots & Culture, the Hyde Park Art Center, 6018 NORTH, and the Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago; MoMA PS1 Print Shop in New York; FRISE in Hamburg; and @ptt in Geneva.


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